The wife and I have two dreams in life....

1. To Teach.

I’ve always loved teaching classes and workshops and have dreams of writing books. Helping others become educated is something that is important to me. As a Realtor, I want to do more than just help people buy/sell their home. I wanted them to feel confident before, during and after the process. I believe that understanding both “the big picture” AND the “little details” is the crucial step in gaining that confidence.

2. Charities

My wife has always had the passion to work with non-profits. She inspires me constantly — volunteering where she can and having the heart of an angel. We decided it was important to work toward a bigger picture. So we’ve decided on two things:

  • 5% of all our earnings in the industry go to Operation Underground Railroad.

  • We’re going to be active in our volunteer work and help others enjoy opportunities to serve their community.

The idea is for (H.E.R.) to evolve into a wiki of sorts for the people of Utah to continually be educating themselves on aspects of home ownership — with an emphasis on Utah and Salt Lake Counties.

What to Expect on Our Sites:

  • Real Estate Market Updates

  • Financial Tips/Tricks

  • Learn Real Estate Lingo (so you don’t have to put all your faith in the professionals)

  • First-time Home buying Strategies

  • Local Companies


  • Videos/Blogs

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